His & Hers

Director: Ken Wardrop

Duration: 1hr 20 mins

Language: English

Starring: Leah Holohan, Grace McGee, Eimear Peters

Time: 8.00pm

Location: Fermanagh House


His & Hers is a 2009 Irish documentary film in which Irish women, mainly from
the Midlands of Ireland, talk about their relationships with men.

Using his mother's life as inspiration, the filmmaker has created a film that
explores how we share life's journey with the opposite sex. His and Hers is an
investigation into the ordinary to discover the extraordinary. It finds comedy
in the mundane, tragedy in the profound and provides an original insight into a
life. The hallways, living rooms and kitchens of the Irish Midlands are used as
the canvas for the film's rich tapestry of female characters. The story unfolds
sequentially through young to old with a charmingly unabashed array of Irish
ladies, and there's not a man in sight...

IMDB Link (7.2/10)

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