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NB Please Note there have been some changes of time and venue

Our new season of 6 films starts on 17th September with The Grand Budapest Hotel with membership to see all 6 films costing £30. There will be 4 extra films and

Films will be shown at Fermanagh House and The Regal



Wed 17/09/14

Grand Budapest Hotel

Fermanagh House

Wed 01/10/14


Fermanagh House

Sat 04/10/14

Land is God & The Field

The Regal

Sat 11/10/14

Take Shelter

Fermanagh House

Wed 15/10/14

Of Horses & Men

Fermanagh House

Wed 29/10/14


The Regal

Wed 05/11/14


Fermanagh House

Wed 19/11/14

Before the Winter Chill

Fermanagh House

Wed 03/12/14

The Lunchbox

Fermanagh House

Sat 20/12/14

It's a Wonderful Life

The Regal












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